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Hawaii 5210 Let's Go and Healthcare

Pediatric health care providers are very concerned about the rise in childhood obesity but this sensitive and very personal issue can be difficult to address. The Hawaii Initiative for Childhood Obesity Research and Education (HICORE) and the Hawaii 5210 Initiative are developing tools to help pediatric providers gather information about patient lifestyles, counsel kids and their parents on growth and risk for obesity-related chronic disease and educate them about healthy lifestyles using the 5-2-1-0 framework. These materials are available for you to download and print here. Providers can also get colored copies from many local health plans including HMSA, UHA, Kaiser Permanente and AlohaCare.

Childhood obesity links for your patients and families

Childhood Obesity CME Opportunities
Learn more about opportunities to learn more about childhood obesity best practices and earn CME credits online.

HICORE CME Opportunity
Learn about an early childhood prevention program developed for Hawaii's families by Dr. Gina French at the University of Hawaii Department of Pediatrics with the support of the Hawaii Department of Health, Healthy Hawaii Initiative.

Pediatric Healthcare Provider Resources
Learn more about local and national childhood obesity resources pediatric healthcare providers.

Let's Go: Toolkit for Healthcare Providers
Learn about, and download, a successful childhood obesity prevention toolkit for pediatric healthcare providers developed by experts of the "Let's Go!" Initiative in state of Maine

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