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5 Tips About Screen Time for Parents


Posted:July 14, 2015

Categories:Family, Featured, Keiki, Screen time

In a recent article in the Huffington Post, Claire McCarthy, M.D. gives us 5 pieces of advice to aid parents regarding screen time with their keiki.

As a pediatrician of Boston Children's Hospital, McCarthy is on the receiving end of many questions from parents regarding toys, shoes, food, sleep, strollers etc. But she doesn't receive any questions about tablets, cell phones, or television anymore.

In the article, McCarthy lists her "5 Pieces of Advice I'd Give About Screens If Parents Ever Asked."

1. Be thoughtful about what you let your kids do with them

2. Have family converstations about device use

3. Don't let screens get in the way of sleep

4. Don't let screens displace other good stuff

5. Don't let screens get in the way of your relationships

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