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Although Recognized as Important, Physical Activity Still Not a Priority, Survey Says


Posted:July 02, 2019

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PHOTO CREDIT: Active Schools

In a recent survey conducted by Active Schools and NORC at the University of Chicago, thousands of parents and principals across the country were asked about their veiws on physical activity and physical education at their child's school. Although all could agree on the importance of physical activity for their chlidren and/or students, few actually prioritized physical acitivty and physical education. 

The survey covered elementary schools through high school as well as rural to urban areas. According to the survey, Eighty-one percent of parents and ninety-three percent of principals believe that physical activity makes their kids better learners. 

The general recommendation for kids is 60 minutes of physical activity per day; most fall short of this recommendation. Active Schools recommends parents to get the conversation started with their kid's teachers and principals. Eighty-five percent of parent's said it is imporant, very important, or extremely important their kid's school is an active school, yet only thirty-nine percent communicate to the principal about physical activity in their children's daily activities.

If you are an educator, talk with your principal and colleagues about incorporating physical activity and movement into each day's lesson plans. Seek our resources through many websites like Active Schools

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