Hawai‘i 5210 Let's Go!

Hawai'i 5210 Let's Go! at The 36th annual Windward District Physical Fitness Meet


Posted:March 10, 2016

Categories:Fruits, Physical Fitness, Schools, Vegetables, Windward District

Kylie Bretzel reports:

"On Thursday March 3rd, Hawaii 5210 volunteered at the 36th annual Windward District Physical Fitness Meet at Castle High School. Although This was by far one of our favorite things that we've got to do so far as interns. We were assigned to help distribute healthy snacks to the students Alongside Stephanie Loui from the Kokua Hawaii Foundation. All of the fresh fruits and vegetables were generously donated by local farms, so it was amazing to have support from the community for this event. There were so many fruits and vegetables that we ended up with plenty of leftovers to use the next day at the high school fitness meet. Anna and I worked hard cutting fruits and veggies for all of the students, but it was definitely worth it! The students were all so excited to eat the healthy snacks we were handing out, and since there was so much, the student were allowed to take as much as they could eat. Rome and Dr. May Okihiro were here working alongside us, so it was an organization wide effort. Stephanie has been teaching the students in this district about sustainable food practices, so we made sure to set up a compost bin for the students to toss their food scraps in. By doing this, we were able to reinforce the lessons that they were learning in the classroom."