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Helpful Tips to Keep Your Keiki Sugar Levels at Bay


Posted:November 02, 2016

Categories:Family, Keiki, Nutrition, Sugar

In a recent article, nutritionist, author and health journalist for CNN Lisa Drayer outlines helpful tips parent's can "stop sugar from sneaking into your child's diet." We live in a time where sugary foods, snacks, and drinks proliferate the shelves of the supermarkets, advertisements on T.V. and family celebrations. If parent's don't start helping their children mitigate sugar intake now, health problems may arise even before adulthood.

Dr. Rober Lustig of the University of California at San Fransisco says "Sugar doesn't cause disease just because of its calories. Sugar causes diseas because of it's sugar. Thin people get metabolic disease like type 2 diabetes too. Obesity increases the risk, but sugar is an independent risk factor from calories or obesity."

Drayer's tips include:

- Don't deprive your kids of sweets

- Aloow children one sweet treat or dessert per day

- Keep fruit drinks, soda and sugary beverages out of the house

- Watch out for sugars in foods that you don't think of as sweet

- Remember, even natural sugar is sugar.

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