Hawai‘i 5210 Let's Go!

The 34th Annual Windward District Fitness Festival Recap


The 34th Annual Windward District Fitness Festival was a collaborative effort between elementary schools island-wide, inviting selected children to compete with others in their age group. The event was a triumph not only because it encouraged the healthy active lifestyle and competition between students, but also because the brand new AstroTurf football field at Castle High school was used as the community was invited and convened in the name of the institution of health and community.

The football field represented the location for the uniting of the population and residents of Hawaii. Hawaii 5-2-1-0 was honored, and proud to be involved with such a grandiose event. At the event, Hawaii 5-2-1-0 demonstrated their famous “Let’s Go!” dance as a method to involve all 800 students as they warmed up for the afternoon’s events. The dance was approximately 3-4 minutes long, and the leader of the demonstration was Josh Akiona, another employee of Hawaii 5-2-1-0’s and advocate for health and fitness.

All of those demonstrating the dance lined up on the eastern goal line, and instructed step-by-step the dance in preparation for one big attempt at the dance as a fun, unique, and exciting way to get ready for the events that included sprints, pull-ups, and broad jumps.



Over 750 students participated from 24 schools in Windward District

1st place Laie Elementary
2nd Place Enchanted Lake Elementary
3rd Place Kaneohe Elementary
4th Place Kainalu Elementary
5th Place (tied)Kaelepulu and Kahuku Elementary

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