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Tooth Decay Major Problem in Preschoolers


Posted:February 12, 2018

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A common misconception among parents is to believe cavities in baby teeth don't matter because they fall out shortly after growth. However, they do matter. The cavities in the baby teeth can actually have a negative impact on the permanent teeth and contribute dental issues.

According to healthychildren.org, one out of ten two-year olds have one or more cavities; by age five, that number climbs to 1/2 of all children with one ore more cavities.

From an early age, it is best the young children learn ways to protect their teeth - such as toothbrushing and getting their regular check-ups from the dentist. However, one of the main causes is sugar in the diet.

"'Sticky sugar' foods such as sticky caramel, toffee, gum, and dried fruit—particularly when it stays in his mouth and bathes his teeth in sugar for hours—could do serious damage."

The longer children are exposed to the sugar, the greater the risk for cavities to ensue.

Dental health is one of the many reasons children should not have sugar or sugary drinks in their diet.

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